Examination Schedule

The whole academic session is divided into two semesters

  • April to September
  • October to March

Each term comprises of four unit tests , mid term examination and final examination

For the students from class nursery to fifth:

  • In first term unit test 2 and September exams will be held.
  • In Second term unit test 3,4 and final exams in March will be held.
  • The students are assessed according to the grades given on the basis of unit test as well as in terminal exams performance in the whole session.
  • In the month of Feb., final practicals for class IX – XII are conducted upto 15th Feb.

Academic Calender

Class Test

  1st Class Test               –                       April
2nd Class Test              –                  August
3rd Class Test             –                  October
4th Class Test               –              December
5th Class Test               –                February

                 NOTE:- Attendance in the class Tests is compulsory to avoid  fine/disciplinary action.

Unit Tests

1st U.T.              –               13th May 2020
2nd U.T.           –                 15th July 2020
3rd U.T.             –       11th November 2020
4th U.T.           –               13 January 2020

Term Exams.

 1st Term                    –           9th Sep. 2020
Pre-Board (X,XII)  –            13th January 2021
Final Exams.          –            1st March 2021

                 NOTE:- 50 marks exams for 10th and 12th of 2 hours duration – 9th Dec. 2020 onwards

Examination Rules

  • Promotion is based on the day to day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the terminal examination.
  • If a student is detected using unfair means in any examination, the school authorities will have the right to cancel the entire Examination.
  • Report cards will be handed over to the parents/guardians.
  • Discrepancy, if any, in marks can be pointed out by parents/students within a week of Result Declaration. There after they will not be entertained.
  • Duplicate Report Card may be issued at a Cost of Rs. 100/-.
  • The students must take all unit Tests and Terminal Examination compulsory. In any case, re-exam of any subject will not be conducted.
  • In medical case, weightage will be considered as per latest C.B.S.E. rules.

Parents Teacher Meet (PTM)

A child is the joint account of teachers & parents. So, we continuously keep on inviting parents to school in order to share with them the developmental needs of their wards.


Academic Excellence

Right from the beginning the school has generally shown very good result in public examinations conducted by C.B.S.E. Every year a great no, of students of X & XII get first division out of which about 50% students are placed in merit list. Apart from this, dozens of students come with flying colours in N.T.S.E. (Conducted by N.C.E.R.T. ). M.S.T. (Conducted by C.B.S.E.), NDA & Olympiads of various subjects. The School also enjoys a very strong good will as one of the most reliable centers for various competitive entrance exams like IIT, GATE, C-TET, UGC etc.

Our Pride

Class-X Board Exams 2019-20

  • 94.6%
  • 93.8%
  • 93.6%

Shining Star of Class-XII

Science Stream


  • 91%
  • 90.4%

Commerce Stream

  • 94.4%
  • 91.6%


Arts Stream