Scholarship & Awards

"Self esteem is an important component of an intelligent mind" and we at Shiksha Bharti Constantly nurture it and help to inculcate and bring out the best in a child's personality.

Awards/Certificates are given to the following

  • Toppers in XII class are awarded with a memento, appreciation certificate and a handsome prize.
  • Students scoring C.G.P.A. 10, 9.8 and 9.6 are honoured with memento and scholarship of Rs. 3100/-, Rs. 2100/- and Rs. 1100/- respectively.
  • C.G.P.A. and amount of scholarship are subject to change.
  • Best in Music, Best in Arts & Craft, Best in Debate, Best in Dance, Best in Acting, Best in Poem-recitation, Best in singing, All rounder and the students having 100% Attendance in the session are also awarded.
  • scholarship
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  • scholarship