Cultural Activities

Keeping into consideration the scholastic & co- scholastic aspects for the proper grooming of the students, the school is on toes with practices in different types of activities which are interlinked with the studies. The Students are given enough opportunities to excel & exhibit their inner potential by encouraging them to participate in different interclass, inter school & inter State competitions of Sports, Science, Art & Craft, Dance, Fancy dress , Rangoli etc. These competitions provide them the platform to excel in different areas so as to develop their all round personality.

To develop moral values, moral education is given and to develop a deep sense of respect for all religions. All religious festivals are celebrated in the school with great zeal & enthusiasm.Students are motivated to develop inter personal and social relations with their friends and family members.

House System

To inculcate healthy spirit of competition and to develop the qualities of co-operation and leadership among students, all the students are divided into four major houses :-

April, Sept, Jan

  1. Mrs. Manju Anand (Head)
  2. Mrs. Mona (Co-Head)
  3. Mr. Jaipal
  4. Mrs. Meenakshi
  5. Mrs. Hema
  6. Mrs. Sunita Chawla
Roll Number
1 5 9 13
17 21 25 29
33 37 41 45
May, Oct., Feb.

  1. Mrs. Kiran Sukhija (Head)
  2. Mrs. Ashu Kalra (Co-Head)
  3. Mrs. Manisha Sharma
  4. Mrs. Vandita
  5. Mr. Anoop
  6. Mr. Rakesh Bhatia
Roll Number
2 6 10 14
18 22 26 30
34 38 42 46
July, Nov.,March

  1. Mr. Dharmender (Head)
  2. Mr. Nitesh (Co-Head)
  3. Mrs. Anju
  4. Mrs. Geeta
  5. Mrs. Suman Saini
  6. Mrs. Twinkle
Roll Number
3 7 11 15
19 23 27 31
35 39 43 47
Aug., Dec.

  1. Mr. Rajesh Duggal (Head)
  2. Mrs. Seema Bhutani (Co-Head)
  3. Mr. Jitender Chawla
  4. Mr. Amarpal
  5. Mr. Pawan Ahuja
  6. Mrs. Adesh
  7. Mrs. Babita
Roll Number
4 8 12 16
20 24 28 32
36 40 44 48
  1. Mr. Shailender Sharma
  2. Mrs. Usha Malik
  3. Mr. Manjeet

Inter house activities are organized throughout the year under the guidance of house Incharges & house captains.


A dedicated and enthusiastic teacher has been deputed to guide and inspire students to come forward for social service and welfare activities, Lectures of famous educationist saints & social reformers are also organized. Funds are collected to help the victims of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes.


It is a project started by Vidya Bharati to acquaint the students with their age old cultural heritage and to inculcate moral values in them. More than a million students appear in the Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha ( A General Knowledge Test based on Indian Culture, religions and philosophies throughout the country every year. Essay writing competitions and quiz contests are also organized under this project.


In adherence to the CCE pattern introduced by CBSE and to ensure harmonious development of every student, different activities are held like public speaking, debates, declamations, poem recitations, dramatics etc. It also promotes creative activities and hobbies like music, dancing, drawing, painting, clay-moulding, cycle trips, and educational tours so as to inculcate a sense of self- discipline, self reliance and habit of team spirit. A variety of other activities are provided in the school for the benefit of the students.

Hawan Ceremony


A “ Hawan” is a religious ceremony that involves worship through the use of sacred fire. Auspicious Hawan ceremony is organized in the school premises at the beginning of the session as well as on “Sankalp Diwas”.

It is a moment of blessings & rain of virtues for the students. Holy offerings are made in the hawan fire and prayers are chanted. The President, the Manager, the Secretary, the Principal, Vice –principal & the staff members also shower their blessings on the students.



God has bestowed man with abundant water resources, flora and fauna. We are trying to sensitize our students to the fact that overutilization of these resources has led to ecological disturbance. The ECO Club of the school is consistently working on these lines by conducting various activites under the expert guidance of , the Head of ECO Club.

Students Parliament: Empowering future Leaders

Based on the electoral process, the “students parliament” called “ Bal Bharati” and “Kanya Bharti” are formed every year. It is a unique attempt made by the school to create awareness among the students about the structure and the functioning of the parliament. In this process, Students cast their votes for those contesting candidates who impress them with their presence of mind, alacrity and democratic unbiased attitude.

Award Ceremony


“Self Esteem is an important component of an intelligent mind”, and we at Shiksha Bharti constantly nurture it and help to inculcate and bring out the best in a child’s personality. Award/certificates are given to the following:-

  • Topper in X & XII
  • Best in Sports
  • Best in Music
  • Best in Art & Craft
  • Best Monitor
  • Best in Handwriting
  • Best in Debate
  • Best in Writing Skills
  • Best in General Knowledge
  • Best in Decoration
  • Those improving their Rank in the Standard tests
  • Those having 100% attendance in the session
  • Band Team
  • Best in Bal Bharti
  • All rounder


Diwali is known as the festival of lights. It is an important festival of the Hindus. Different activities as Rangoli, Card making, Diya and Candle decoration etc. are organized to celebrate it. Prizes are given to the students who perform very well.



Rakshabandhan is a festival which celebrates the bond of love and affection between a sister and a brother. Different house wise competitions are held to celebrate these festivals as Mehandi, Matki Decoration, Dahi Handi, Kite Flying, Rakhi making etc.