Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Students seeking admission must acquaint themselves with the following rules and regulations :-

  • All the students are required to attend the school regularly. The students having less than 90% lectures will not be allowed to appear in the final examination.
  • Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, crackers, knives or any other objectionable item.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness. So, all the students are required to come in neat & clean school uniform.
  • The Students must maintain perfect discipline in the school campus. If any student is found creating any sort of indiscipline, he/she will have to face strict disciplinary action.
  • Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school.
  • Home-work diary must be maintained properly.
  • Students availing transport (Bus) facility will not (in any case) be allowed to withdraw from this facility in the mid of the session.
  • In any case, students will not be allowed to leave the school campus during the school hours.
  • If a student doesn’t pay his/her fees till 15th then a fine of Rs. 100 will be charged.
  • Students are not allowed to use school telephone except in real emergency with due permission of the Principal.
  • No leave application will be entertained if not properly endorsed by the guardian or the house incharge concerned.
  • Repeated absence for 3 days without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off from the school rolls, Re-admission may be granted only on payment of Rs 1000/- The principal is authorized to refuse re-admission without assigning any reason.
  • School property is student’s own property. It becomes their duty to take care of the same.
  • Applying of Mehandi, Nail Polish or Hair colour is strictly prohibited. Strict action will be taken against the defaulter.

Fee once deposited will not be refunded. Only security money will be refunded upto six months after leaving the school.

Any change of Address/Telephone No. should be intimated to the school immediately.


  • Two terminal exams, and four unit tests are held every year in accordance with the CCE Pattern introduced by CBSE. Appearance in all these exams, is necessary.
  • In case of serious illness before commencement or during the house examination, the students should submit their leave application, along with medical certificate within one week.


  • Working hours of the Library are the same as those of the School Office.
  • Books from the library are issued to the students of various classes against Library Cards.
  • Late fine of Rs 1/- per book per day is charged. If the due date falls on a holiday, the next working day would be treated as due date for returning the book.
  • A particular book can be re-issued for a further period of 14 Days if there is no demand from any other student.
  • The student will be responsible for the safe custody of books issued to him/her.


1st April to 31st Oct. 07:20 am to 1:40 pm
1st Nov to 31st March 08.20 am to 02:40 pm


  • Student seeking(s) withdrawal must submit his/her application one week in advance.
  • Student seeking(s) withdrawal shall be required to clear his/her dues from April to the month of withdrawal.
  • Those who leave school in May must pay fees for the month of June.
  • Admission and other fee once paid shall not be refunded except the security money even if the child has not attended the school for a single day.
  • Students can be asked to leave school on the following grounds:
    1. A. Disciplinary Action
    2. B. Unsatisfactory progress in class
    3. C. Detention in class.


Continuous Evaluation is the only recognized system of ensuring regular improvement in the learning process of a student. The School’s examination system is based on this approach comprising various unit tests. Besides this, participation of students in the various activities and evaluation of various aspects of the personality of the students is also given in their progress report. Cumulative result is compiled on the basis of weightage given to different tests. Report card is sent to the parents/guardians within a week. Students getting more than 90% marks & Toppers in each class are given prizes.


It is mandatory to score 33% marks in each subject to be promoted to the next class. Allotment of stream –Medical, Non Medical & Commerce to students promoted in class XI from X is done on the basis of pre – board exam score. Getting Stream of one’s choice not to be considered as a matter of right.