School Uniform encourages simplicity, cleanliness, brotherhood, discipline, mannerism, feeling of equality and a sense of awareness among students. Every student is required to come to school in proper, uniform failing which penalty of fine/expulsion can be imposed.

In Summer

  • For Boys:Light brown shirt (full sleeves), dark brown trousers for all classes, white trousers, white shirt, white socks, Light brown socks with rust stripes, white canvas shoes, black leather shoes, identity card, school belt.
  • For Girls:Light brown shirt, dark brown skirt, white skirt, white shirt, cream socks, white canvass shoes, white socks, black leather shoes, identity card, school badge & belt.
  • Girls in trousers will not be allowed.
  • Tunic is compulsory upto 2nd standard Girls.
  • From 6th to 12th standard suit is compulsory – Brown Check Shirt and light brown coloured salwar.

In Winter

  • Dark Brown Coloured Blazer is compulsory form 3rd to 12th standard.


  • On Wednesday & Saturdays, white trouser/white skirt, white shirt, white canvass shoes & white socks.
  • Brown Blazer for classes 1st to 12th and Brown full sleeve V-neck Pullover for classes Nursery and K.G is necessary.
  • Track suit for classes 3rd to 12th and T-Shirt for all classes is necessary.
  • Belt and Badge will also be made available in the school on Payment.