Development Programme

All round Development Programme

For an all round development of the students, Vidya bharati Akhil bhaakatiya Shiksha Sasnsthan has prescribed five core subjects based on Indian philosophy of education. The school has arranged for the effective teaching of all these five subjects.

Physical Education

In this modern world, manual labour is being discarded and we are leading sedentary lifestyle which results in many health hazards. Physical Edu. is very much necessary for Physical, mental and emotional development & to inhance tolerance power and discipline. The students are made to practice dumbbell and other exercises regularly.


The present age can be said the age of stress, tension and anxiety. To lead a happy and fruitful life, yoga should be adopted as a way of life. It has a vital significance in the life of human beings. In school, the students are made to do yoga and meditation to improve their concentration.


From ancient time, music has been an integral part of spiritual and emotional life of a human being. Music has a divine power that gives us a divine happiness beyond the materialistic world. Music classes are given regularly to the students.


Indian culture is totally based on Sanskrit language. If we want to know about our culture, the knowledge of Sanskrit is a must. All the computer languages are also based on Sanskrit. It is a treasure of all information & knowledge. So basic knowledge of Sanskrit is given in all classes.

Art & Craft

It describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. Some crafts (art skills) have been practiced for centuries, others are more recent inventions.

Moral & Spiritual education

Students with cultured values always stand apart and make their own identity and school is a perfect platform for teaching and inheriting moral values. There is a regular teaching of moral & spiritual education in school.

Prayer Session

“God should be the object of all our desires, the end of all our actions, the principle of all our affections and the governing power of our souls”. To inculcate these feelings in the future citizens of our motherland, a prayer session is held daily in which all the students & staff members whole –heartedly thank God for blessing them with this precious life & request him to enable them to achieve their cherished goals in life. Besides offering prayers to the Almighty the students & the staff members are made to do meditation & yoga. This enriching prayers session enhanced the participation of the teachers & the students in the “teaching learning process.”

Sanskriti Bodh Pariyojna

It is a project started by Vidya Bharati to acquaint the students with their age long cultural heritage and to inculcate moral values in them. More than a million students appear in the Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha ( a General Knowledge Test based on Indian Culture, religions and philosophies) Throughout the country every year. Essay writing competitions and quiz contests are also organized under this project.


An indigenous pre-primary education system based on Bhartiya Sanskriti and our Country’s environment has been developed and given the name of ‘Shiksha Vatika’. A non-formal system of education aims at physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual development of the child. It reverberates with children’s joyful sounds as they undertake various activities which impart education and sanskar in a natural way.


It contains a list of mental calculation techniques claimed to be based on Vedas. This mental calculation system is known as “Vedic Maths”. S. Ramanujan and Preist Bharti Krishan Thirthaji are known for it.


Modernisation has set in and it is essential for us as Indians to revive our culture and tradition by encouraging the us of Indian products. This week highlights the benefits of using and accepting Indian products. It is celebrated from September 25 to October 2 every year. A series of lectures and other programmers are organized during the week.

Balika Shiksha

A programme in which girls are given education for their general behaviour, cleanliness, customs, awareness about health and the surroundings for their physical and mental development in the society.

Dakshta Varg

It means ‘training camp’ which are organized to train the teachers sothat they can teach the learners effectively.

Sankar Kendra

They can attain knowledge and success in their lives. It is a facility provided to all the children of different schools particularly in village. This helps the students in doing their homework and to develop interest in native activities sothat they can attain knowledge and success in their lives.


The word ‘Shodh’ originates from Sanskrit and stands for ‘research’ and discovery.